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My Dimension


Desiring rapture, you kneel at My feet. This display of devotion invokes all before you, who worshiped the Divine. You seek the serenity only found through submission. As we enter this liminal space between worlds know that I see all of you.


The vast expanse between sadism and sensuality is My familiar terrain. I find your edge with restraints just as effortlessly as with My cane. Humor and humiliation compel Me equally. No matter the style of play W/we choose, or the implements I engage to explore O/our shared desires, I do so with intention and context, and you should as well. 


Yet, My style of domination is not for everyone. I prioritize genuine human connection above all else. Playing with power exchange is a profound initiation. Thus, I am most drawn towards those with adventurous and generous spirits who crave a consistent Mistress.


Who I am

My first experiences with erotic power exchange are visceral memories. I am deeply interested in the unconscious mind and the activities and archetypes humans are inexplicably drawn towards. The primal nature of BDSM keeps Me engaged in this practice. 


Over ten years of classical ballet training shaped My body to reflect the physical discipline to which I submitted. I practice mental and spiritual discipline through studying meditation. I continue down this path of discipline as a Mistress. 


My studies of the body, anatomical and erotic began over ten years ago. In this time I have also gained vast knowledge of the spiritual and emotional bodies. I have spent the last six years growing into a skilled professional Mistress. 


BDSM can move us through the darker places in the unconscious, taboos and even trauma. Play can just as easily be sensual, fun, hilarious, and joyful. No matter the directions W/we choose to explore together I am a grounded practitioner who plays from a place of intuition and honesty.

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