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Indulge me


Bust: 33.5”, C cup Waist: 29” Hip: 37” Size: Small or Medium in U.S sizing

Shoe Size: 7.5 - 8 in U.S. shoe sizing


Favorite colors: Black, Ochre, Chartreuse, Gold, Beige, White

Favorite fabrics: Organic Silk, Wool, Linen, Cotton, Bamboo, Leather, Vintage Fur, Latex


My Venus is in Leo. If you follow the stars you know this means that I live to be lavished, I adore feeling appreciated. While gifts are never expected, a sincere and thoughtful gesture always catches my attention. Generosity is a quality I seek in those with whom I keep company. Ephemeral displays of your gratitude such as local, seasonal, organic flowers and produce awaken my heart. I love relaxing in a sauna or hot spring. I have many dietary restrictions so please check with me if you want to bring me a prepared treat! If you wish to gift me a garment or toys for our session or my personal life my Wishlist is full of ideas.  

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